RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 2012-07-24

Version 3
    • Bootstrap
      • Packaging
        • RFSBOX-37: Create a single package per Component/Renderer
      • Home grown widgets, where should they live?
        • eg. orderingList
          • bootstrap: style/layout
          • jquery UI: js libraries
      • JS/JSF event bridge
      • "What's new with RichFaces" blog by Paul Dijou
        • discuss any blockers to the release of this blog
          • RFSBOX-41: Address the *Group -> *Facet semantic component rename
          • tab index starts at 0, or at 1?
    • Howto incorporate the latest snadbox "sets of components" in a future RichFaces release
      • styling not consistent across all current sandbox projects
    • 4.3.0.M1
      • status