Version 1

    Community Updates

      New Color variants posted to the jira:

      Have had some community contributor actions
    • klester - working on ListShuttle, and pickList issues
      • Thanks to klester, and good job Nick and Ilya working with him
    • TomFulton53 - looking into helping with some documenation
      • Does not have experience with doc book, but may still look into it
    • kubek2k - Tree table component from user, and may be interested in contributing
    • Piotr Kawiak - was going to look at RF-5761
      • AI Jay: Follow up with him
      FAQ & Wiki updates

         - Ilya, Gleb, etc... have been looking into this
               - Status?

    3.3.1 Release

    Release planned for May 4th-5th.

    • QA Update
      • Review test report and open issues
      • How is the release looking?
    • Dev
        • Selenium Tests
          • Some failing due to component errors and will not not be fixed for this release
            • Best approach to handle
            • #Nick: create a "failures" test suite and move back as fixed.
        • Photo Demo
          • QA should be starting this week - on schedule?
          • Any big concerns?
      • Docs
        • Status, blockers, concerns?
      Critical Items for CR1

      RichFaces 4.0

      •   Meeting next Monday
      •   Wiki page updates by Thursday so everyone can review