RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 5-19-2009

3.3.1.GA Released

  • Good Job everyone!!
  • We need to keep an eye out for issues users may find
  • Is anything else left to be announced or modified?
    • AI Svetlana: review current site & wiki for needed updates
  • Some lessons learned from this release will migrate into 4.0 improvements


  • Focus on 3.3.2 for this meeting
  • We are working on the new build system
  • Dev meeting tomorrow to further discuss
  • Team: Alex, Anton, Nick and Jay

Site Updates


Team: Pavel, Ilya, Andrei, Konstantin, and Alex K

Goals of 3.3.2 effort

  • While 4.0 core is being worked on part of the team will focus on 3.3.2
    • 2 reasons
      • Prep for a 3.3.2 release (sometime in summer no concrete date)
      • Learn skills & review components for migration to 4.0
        • Such as semantic layout techniques, CSS/JS updates
        • Component review for consistency,duplication, & efficiency
    • We are only going to migrate components after review and optimization
    • Work must be done in discrete chunks so that resources can shift to 4.0

Component Optimizations

  • Pavel, Konstantin, Alex K
  • Consists of several parts
    • Semantic layout updates
    • Internal CSS removal
    • JS Inline event handling changes
    • JS Initialization
  • Need to prioritize the component based on Pavel's doc.

Jira & General Improvements (photo album/misc)

  • Ilya, Andrei, Alex K
  • Jira review required