RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 5-25-2010

Version 1

    4.0.0.Alpha2 Release

    • Dev Status Updates
      • Code Freeze this Friday
      • Concerns, questions not covered below?
    • QE
      • Plans for A2?
      • Release to QE by Tuesday/Wednesday ( Monday USA holiday)
      • Risk: First time with new release process, may need tweaks.
        • I'm working now to minimize this
    • JSF RI 2.0.2
      • Must have a non-snapshot version
        • Tasks, effort, to change back?
      • richfaces-parent 4-SNAPSHOT already has it as default profile
        • Can be used for working on this issue.
    • Moving /ui-sandbox components for A2 to /ui
      • Following structure in wiki
      • Status?
    • Archetype for A2
    • Release Plugin
      • Investigating multi module version update issue
        • Downloaded and built with patches
        • No real luck yet
        • Either way not a solution for A2
      • Means we may need to have scripts to finish off releases.