RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 6-15-2011



4.1 Planning: Jira

  • Releases created in jira
    • 4.1.0.M1, 4.1.0.M2, 4.1.0.CR1, 4.1.0.Final
    • Using final as a staging ground for issues that should be part of 4.1 release


4.1 Planning: Dates

  • M1
    • Code freeze end of july
    • Release Early August
  • M2:
    • Code Freeze end of August
    • Release early September


4.1 Planning: Approach

Couple of options

  1. Focus on new components first & move known bugs to M2+
  2. Focus on known jira's and move new component to M2+

4.1 Planning: M1 jira review


4.1.0 Planning: General jira review