RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 6-30-2009

Version 1


    • Ilya provided good feed back to Tim Potter r. his registration example
      • Just waiting to hear back from him
    • Ilya updated the wiki home page
      • It is looking much better
      • Suggestions?
    • RichFaces In Production page growing well and neat to see.

    Brno Meeting Updates

    • I will be making a public blog this week with pictures :-)
      • Need pictures
      • Will outline plans and results from the meeting
      • Some of the items will be started before that
        • There was a lot so not all at once
    • New Jira project for RichFaces Planning
      • Explain use and reason
      • Need to name it
        • RichFaces Planning / RFPL
        • RichFaces Project / RFPJT
        • ?
      • I'll work with Mark to create it.
      • Initial components?
        • Docs, QE, Dev
        • Don't want to repeat all components in RF
      • Initial Releases
        • Same as RF?
    • New Jira user groups created
      • RichFaces Dev
      • RichFaces Doc
      • RichFaces QE
      • Should make filtering and searching the jira project much easier


    • Planning for a mid-late august release
      • Limited scope of release should limit QE requirements
      • QE/Docs - we'll need to discuss plans offline end of week?
    • Status
      • Dev?
        • Major task status and progress
        • Blockers
      • QE?
        • Major task status and progress
        • Blockers
      • Docs?
        • Major task status and progress
        • Blockers