Version 4

    Review Outstanding Action items

    • jjamrich do the review of RF-11360 and report back on which is the better route to take in terms of html unit versions
      • We went ahead with the older htmlunit, as we had better functional test coverage for that set of broken tests
    • balunasj Review and comment on new meeting times
    • balunasj create a jira to track how to mark components 3rd party dependencies for future
    • balunasj Update wiki and jira with M2 & M3 dates and plans
    • bleathem Provide a patch to Mojarra for JAVASERVERFACES-2063
      • deferred
    • lfryc create JIRA for switching Showcase and Metamer to IE comp. mode
    • lfryc reject RF-10972 and create new JIRA to investigate tab @action and verify that can't affect current applications (and try to find possible workaround)
    • balunasj Post on the forums that we will be having a f2f meeting next week and that the team meeting is canceled
    • lfryc add Considering Votes on issues topic to F2F meeting agenda


    M2 status

    M3 status

    • Current jira's "leftover" from M2
    • OpenShift Express and Flex
    • Shall we do a community vote to determine which issues to work on?

    Community contributors

    • Awesome to see pull requests coming in!
    • Status determination re: the CLA

    Split the forums: RF 3 and RF 4

    • Last time we discussed this, we said we would review post f2f
    • Would be easier to answer forum questions if RichFaces 3 questions were in a seperate forum