Version 12

    Review Outstanding Action items

    1. bleathem Provide a patch to Mojarra for JAVASERVERFACES-2063
      • Deferring until CR1
    2. bleathem create a wiki page, link it from the wiki locations, and post about it on the forums and twitter
    3. lfryc ask eng-ops for adopting JIRA Toolkit Plugin to be able count and search number of comments
    4. bleathem create an RFPL jira to address a RichFaces portal page, aggregating dynamic content
    5. lfryc create JIRA to cover complexity (by labels or field) so we can export it to dashboard
    6. status update on showcase OpenShift / mobile changes
    7. bleathem create an RFPL issue to address splitting the user forums


    Mobile Showcase status

    M3 Status


    New component : rich:hotkey for 4.0