RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 1-11-2011

Community Note

Milestone 5

  • Release
    • Should be released today
      • Released!!!
  • Post Mortem
    • Required?  Thoughts? Timing?
      • Forum post to collect feedback
      • Full PM for after GA


  • Jira 
  • Dev Status
    • Panel
      • Base functionality issues
        • Taglib
        • Attributes just not working
        • Will be reviewed after CDK migration completion
      • CDK migration status
        • Not yet started, expected to start this week and take 1-3 days
      • What is needed to clean up
    • Finalize plans for object validation
      • To discuss this later with Alex
    • MyFaces integration
      • MyFaces Team ( Matthias ) has offered to assist as possible - Thanks!!
      • Nick will be leading this from our side
      • Showcase works good, also all core-demo issues were fixed - either from ours as from MyFaces side.
    • Discuss Collapsible sub-table questions from QE
      • Already solved with Ilya's assistance
    • Client-side API review and plans for consistency updates
    • Showcase design updates
  • QE
    • Plans, concerns?
      • Nothing pressing today given that we are done with M5
      • Need to synch up on what we can do by GA date besides metamer
      • Taglib documentation
    • Additional testing for CR