RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 1-12-2010

Note: details in transcript

3.3.3.CR1 Release

  • Next 3.3.3 release will be a CR1 release
    • Limited new issues found, or reported
    • QE, Dev in agreement
  • Release Plan
    • Code Freeze Jan 29th
    • Tag/Build to QE Feb 1st
    • Release 15th
    • May be sooner, but these are current plan
  • Issue Discussion
    • Note: Review priority of minor versions scheduled for CR1
      • Some are not minor
    • RFPL-329 - upgrade JSF to 2.0.2
      • After discussion we will update to this version for testing
    • RF-8204 - resolved
    • RF-8213 - resolved
    • RFPL issues
      • QE plans to complete his items
      • Dev should complete their wiki updates and other tasks
      • Jay is going to discuss JOPR testing with Shelly later this week
    • Timing Estimates
      • See transcript Andrey outlined his estimates
  • AI Jay: Talk with Sean at doc meeting about 3.3.3 Jiras
  • Note: For 3.3.3.GA release no jiras should be assign to RF without review

4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release