Version 1

    3.3.3.CR1 Release

    • Dev
      • Jira review and estimates
        • RF-8273 - postponed due to risk of collateral damage
        • RF-8252 - not reproducible needs more info
        • RF-8262 - no problem with pathc
    • Markhel reviewed all major issues
      • Fix for most are trivial
        • Will estimate others
        • Notify if this will take longer than Monday
      • Plan to build QE dist on Monday
    • QE
      • No concerns
      • several apps ready to test both JSF 1.2 and 2.0
    • JOPR
      • Shelly and Jay worked through some issues
        • Had a duplicate ID problem that was similar to RF-8223
        • Ran out of time for debugging
      • Shelly and Lukas are going to talk.
      • Additional JOPR resource to help as well
      • Will not release CR1 without some level of JOPR testing with JSF 2, AS M2/snapshot
    • Reviewed several RHQ issues
      • All were either feature requests, or not applicable for right now
      • Will review one for 4.0

    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release