Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript

    3.3.3.CR1 Release

    • Jira Review
      • RF-8275 - Andrey is researching now, but may need Nicks help
      • RF-8175 - Andrey can close tomorrow a long with two RFPL issues
      • RF-8281 - Andrey will start fix tomorrow
      • Plans to wrap up current jira's by friday morning
        • Note: some update done post meeting with a couple of issue for review
        • Will discuss how this may effect timing
      • RFPL-212 - Ilya will write wiki updates with assistance
      • JBIDE-5646 - Andrey is going to investigate
        • And create an RF issue to track for 3.3.3.CR1
      • AI Jay: Talk with Sean about his 3.3.3.CR1 jira's
    • QE
      • JOPR Update
        • Shelly has JOPR running with AS 6, JSF2, and RF 3.3.3
        • Lukas will follow up with her and Ondrei for testing
          • Requirements:
            • Smoke testing before end of week
            • Test suite or extended manual testing with QE cycle
          • Let Prabhat or me know if you need help
          • JOPR QE should be involved with this testing for complete coverage
        • Made it very clear that this is the last release of RichFaces 3.3.X
          • If Jopr wants changes, or has problems they need to get them in now ( actually a month ago ).
        • Jopr team not expecting a seam release
          • In previous meetings we had thought they needed these for test suite.

    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release