Version 1

    Note: details in transcript



    • strumberg suggested blogging about validator support for JSR-303 since he spend a lot of time looking
    • Ilya created jira to cover this

    3.3.3 Release

    • Because of holidays very little activity on release
    • QE
      • Little new because of the holidays
      • RF-8204 AjaxStateManager
        • Nick is going look when he returns.
        • May need to use JSF 2 state manager
      • RF-8213 Validators with rf.-demo
        • Alex thinks a fix for this is needed because many users will run into this
        • Fix should be low risk, and will effect rf-demo and validator
      • Test Plan
        • Discussed 3.3.3 testing vs 4.0 testing
        • Need to determine resources for each
        • including 4.0 planning common up
      • JOPR Testing
        • There is a problem with seam that will require a minor release for japer
        • They will not be able to test RF 3.3.3 until that is resolved
        • AI Jay : Talk offline with Shelly and JOPR team about timing - this is a problem!
    • Dev
      • Should be all set
      • Some investigation will be needed but many are trivial
      • Andrei will let us know if any are risky or require discussion
    • Release Planning
      • Waiting until next week to allow more time to "bake"
      • Need to get more testing and feedback
      • Decide BETA2 vs CR1 next week
      • Post release plan/schedule once that is decided


    • Reopened/Updated jira with results
    • Valid feature request that will be reviewed for 4.0
    • Too risky to get into a point release
    • Ilya had the idea of creating a "workaround" or script change for this
      • Andrei will look into it, but with limited time allowed

    4.0 Items


    • Planning meetings will start next week
    • Detail to come