RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 10-05-2010


  • Respin staged
    • Lucas and Pavol looking.
    • already created. Nick will review it.
    • Nick also will review all unscheduled issues
    • Issues found before staged release reviewed and moved to M4
  • Release plan
    • QE Verification
      • Hudson builds look good.
      • Lukas and Pavol are working on metamer.
    • Release early next week
      • QE Should wrap by EOD Thursday.



  • Jira review this week
    • Every one should review theirs issues.
    • Nick, Ishaikovsky and I will be reviewing future_4X, and creating the appropriate component jira's for the items plans.
  • Initial Dates:
    • Component Code Freeze Oct 26th
    • Code Freeze Nov 2nd
    • Release ~Nov 8th-9th
  • Jay will set up post mortem meeting for M3