RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 10-12-2010

Richfaces 4.0.0 Milestone 3

Richfaces 4.0.0 Milestone 4

Release plans

  • Component Code Freeze - October 29th

  • Code freeze/build to QE - November 5th

  • Release - ~November 12th



RF-9340 - InplaceSelect/Select components will use common js api for the popup. Autocomplete is planning to be refactored in M5.


Client-side Validation & related tasks

1. Problem - UIMessage navigation.

Do not check UIMessage at render time ( may be only perform it in DEVELOPMENT stage with warning log ),

use messages bus on client where rich:messages look for proper messages.


2. CSV with AJAX.

Attempt to wrap a4:ajax up to provide CSV implementation ajax functionality. (Problems with JSF partial state savings and events can occur).


3. Message interpolators.

Postponed to M5


4. client-side API

Alex suggest use JavaScript signatures in article.