Version 1

    Note: Details in the transcript


    • One major issue found - RF-7994
    • Portal Bridge related issue also identified
      • workaround in place so not critical
    • Some other more minor issues
    • Decided on 3.3.3 release plan
      • 3.3.3.BETA1, CR1, and GA
        • Pros:
          • RF 4.0 is not ready for full team involvement
          • AS 5.2 admin-console/RF 3/JSF 2.0 support may be possible
          • Any PBR issues that come up may be able to be addressed
        • Cons:
          • Resources no focused/assisting on 4.0
          • Will impact 4.0 release
          • Additional changes for PBR/JSF2 may destabilize 3.3.X
          • Must be QE'd heavily
    • PBR discussion taken offline

    RF 3.3.X and JSF 2.0 support

    • Discussed JSF 2.0 comments from Nick
      • AS 5.2 admin-console support is important
        • We have some time because of current workaround in AS
      • As is support for RF 3 apps running with JSF 2.0
        • Full interop and development with JSF 2 is reserved for RF 4.0
    • Nick is going to post details of investigation on forums
    • Work is going to be done in separate branch 3.3.X_JSF2
      • Separate hudson builds are also needed
    • Further discussions needed regarding packaging and building support
      • See later transcript for more details
      • Also need to discuss doc & QE requirements


    • Ilya will post of forum topic on replacement of "most used links" forum topic