Version 1

    Note: details in transcript


    These minutes will cover the three meetings we had yesterday.

    1. 4.0 document plan review
    2. Visual Data Model review
    3. Team meeting


    Document Plan Review

    • 4 documents/books planned
      • Migration Guide
        • R&D adding an example application
        • Need to add dependency changes ( Server and client side )
      • Developer Guide
        • R&D maven dependency plugin
        • R&D compatibility matrix
        • R&D traffic control and queue section
        • R&D section on additions to JSF 2
        • R&D sections/areas where non-component based functionality
        • AjaxContext
      • Component Guide
        • Very happy to have component guide separated
        • Some areas will need more coverage and details like trees, tables, and Drag-n-drop
        • Portal components and information should be separated into own section
      • CDK Guide
        • Did not get into much


      • Hopes to have drafts/skeletons released with ALPHA/BETA
        • Need to work on build integration for A2
      • Move majority plan to public wiki linked from main RichFaces 4.0 wiki page
      • AI Jay: Setup a biweekly meeting for doc review

      Visual Data Model Discussion


      Team Meeting

         3.3.2.GA Release Problems

      • 3 Main problems found
        • RF-7948, RF-7949, RF-7950
        • Pavel and Anton working on them
        • Ilya assisting and investigating any additional issues

      3.3.2.SP1 Release