RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 11-10-2009

Note: Details in transcript
3.3.3 Release
  • Dev
    • JSF 2.0
      • Work delayed because of issues with tests
      • Andrei has worked through them
      • Should still make Nov 20th freeze.
    • Other work
    • Going as planned
  • QE
    • Port ftests to IE, ftests with JSF2 injected, EmbJopr tests
    • Working on rewriting all locators to support IE
    • Should be ready to go for Nov 20th
    • Regarding Jopr tests
      • Work with AS team for issues or questions - they should be helping!!
4.0.0 Release
  • Iteration/table component status
    • Progress good
    • div vs table approaches from forum
      • Decided table as core component was good
  • Forum topics are good, but need more contributions by whole team
    • Please comment more on development forums as appropriate