Version 1

    4.0.0.Milestone 4

    • Released!!
      • Or will be very shortly
        • Announced
    • M4 post-mortem meeting
      • Next weeks team meeting
        • Announced
        • Need to create dedicated forum post

    4.0.0.Milestone 5

    • Component req/dev meetings
      • Wrapping up this week
        • File upload, tree Wed.
        • Drag-n-drop Thursday
          • Announced
    • Component/Dev status
      • Issues, concerns, questions?
        • RF-9505 - tables refactoring: rename subtable - timing concern, solution - to complete early at bug fixing phase
        • File upload - will be known after migration meeting
    • Review any blocking CDK/Core priority issues for milestone
      • Assigned recent issues to M5
        • To be fixed after CSV completion
      • RF-9323 - CDK annotation @RendererSpecificComponent.attributes doesn't work
        • Blocking panels CDK migration
        • To be fixed early
    • Delivering carry over component prior to freeze?
      • Panel menu
        • Dev. out of the office
        • Component is expected to be delivered the week after the next one
      • File upload
        • TBD at migration meeting

    GAE Showcase Final Planning/Testing


    • Want to have 1 more round of tests
      • With $$ quota this time
    • Latest M4 release with standard modifications for GAE
      • Ilya needs to upload it before QE will be able to verify
        • To create RFPL issue
    • Verify burn rate on quota, and stability for traffic