Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    3.3.3.BETA1 Release

    • Dev Status
      • Non-JSF 2 work
        • Going fine should be completed by 20th
      • JSF 2 work
        • Everything have been going fine
        • Alex, Nick, and Jay need to review the work by end of week
        • Merge to 3.3.X
          • Should not be a problem
          • Few changes mostly in tests.
        • Packaging
          • Should be ok to merge to 3.3.X
          • JSF 1.2 code and JSF 2 code should co-exist ok
          • Planning for that right after code freeze
    • QE
      • Lukas is working on Jopr test suite
      • Planning is going well
      • Some tests will be started soon
        • Starting with JSF 1.2 testing
    • Release Plan
      • Andrei and Alex K are going to follow release wiki
      • Konstantin will assist as needed


    4.0.0 Release

    • Deferred to forum and wiki threads