Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    3.3.3.BETA1 Release

    • QE
      • JOPR team discuss and admin-console
        • Shelly, charles, and Lukas have been working on this
        • Discussed build requirements and where to pull RF JSF2 imp from maven
        • There are some non-related issues with AS truck and JOPR that may need to be fixed before testing
          • 6.0 M1 tag is stable though so they can use that
        • The Jopr team will continue to help Lukas
          • Revert myfaces hack in AS
          • Update dependencies
          • Get tests running with JSF 2 and RF 3.3.3.BETA1 or SNAPSHOT
            • Replace richfaces-impl with richfaces-impl-jsf2 from maven or dist
            • Note : seam 2.X integration should not be an issue here
            • Note : Facelets integration should not be an issue ( although must use context variable for old facelets support ) 
        • AS 6 M1 will ship with myfaces 1.2 for admin console
        • AS 6 M2 ( Jan/Feb ) will ship with RF 3.3.3.GA for the admin console and use AS JSF 2 libs
        • JOPR team will work offline with Lukas and report back
      • Other 3.3.3.BETA QE
        • Dev testing
          • Nothing major found
        • QE Testing
          • AI Jay: Create a jira for prabhat to test BETA1
          • AI Prabhat: Discuss with team and provide estimates for timing