Version 1

    Milestone 5


    component code freeze this weekend - and code freeze the following Friday

    top priority is to nail down components status


    Fileupload RF-9490 should be ready Friday


    Calendar: additional features [Open, Major, Andrey Markhel]



    additional calendar features are almost done, it's need some refactor work from RFPL-932

    Toolbar component [Open, Major, Anton Belevich]


    rich:message/rich:messages [Open, Major, Alexander Smirnov]

    Messages are not ready due to time spent for portletbridge project.

    jira [RF-9679] ObjectValidator component [Open, Major, Alexander Smirnov]

    Questionable, it's status will be available on Thursday staff meeting. The code was copied from 3.3 branch but is not tested yet.



    Drag-n-Drop components [Open, Major, Anton Belevich] is almost ready, there is only one problem with custom dragIndicator position, the issue come from draggable jQuery plugin


    Tree: declarative models support [Open, Major, Nick Belaevski]

    and Tree: additional features [Open, Major, Nick Belaevski] commited on Monday, but there would be problem with API


    Dropdown menu component [Open, Major, Andrey Markhel]

    is going to be done. Server side part is done.



    Lukas and Palo are going full speed on Metamer and filing bugs as they find

    Unsceduled issues:


    GAE example


    RichFaces Showcase on GAE has failed Ajax requests under load [Open, Critical, Unassigned]


    we may need to postpone until CR phase