RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 12-15-2009

Note: Details in transcript


3.3.3.BETA1 Status

  • Dev
    • Issues either resolved in 1-2h or moved
    • Build will be started today, and finished tomorrow AM
  • QE
    • Manual JSF2 Jopr testing completed without problems :-)
    • Final BETA1 testing
      • Testing should take 3 full days
      • There is a lot to test JSF 1 & 2
      • Shooting for Monday
  • Release Details
    • Ilya will write draft RF 3.3.3 and JSF2 wiki
    • Ilya will prep site for uploads
    • Jay will discuss doc plans with Sean
      • Continue discussion at doc meeting thursday
      • Discussed just having wiki or having a section in docs
    • Jay will draft blog for release
    • Should be ready for release Friday if at all possible
  • 3.3.3.BETA2
    • This is a possibility if critical issues are found in BETA1
    • If we have BETA2 it would push out release
    • Hopefully limited impact on other plans