RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 12-21-2010

Note: Details in transcript


Milestone 5

  • tagged and staged
  • CSV Status
    • All core functionality in place
    • Limited functionality in M5
      • Length validator only client side available
        • Others revert to Ajax
      • rich:message in place with limited CSS
      • rich:messages not in place
    • Priorities for CR1
      • Client validators refactoring
        • RF-9797
      • rich:message(s) finalize
      • Showcase example complete and updated
        • Showcase currently not working
        • BV needs to be added to dependencies
        • RF-1066 - Blocker for M5
      • QE will review wiki and dev sample and contact with questions
        • Alex should update RFPL-980 with sub-tasks for items to be verified
  • CDK Issues
    • Jira's by component developers need to be reviewed quickly
    • Nick and Jay will assign while Alex is working on showcase M5 issue
  • Misc
    • JSF 2.0.3-b03 is to be used for M5 testing
    • Showcase needs to be tested on both AS 6 and tomcat