RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 12-22-2009

Note: Details in transcript

3.3.3.BETA1 Release

  • Everything ready for release except docs
  • Once docs uploaded we'll release
  • Jay and Ilya to announce

Post 3.3.3 Release

  • Planning for end of January for next release of 3.3.3
  • We'll review issues in early Jan to determine if BETA2 or CR1 is next


  • More research is needed for migrating wiki content to out new "space"
  • Review restricting developer space
    • Some good points both ways.
  • Review customizing richfaces space on forum
  • Bad post handling
    • Completely inappropriate posts can be removed
    • Hostile or obscene posts should be removed and reported
    • Irrelevant posts can be branched to there own thread