Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    Milestone 5

    • Dev Status
      • CSV
        • Going well hope to finish all by Friday
        • Update: due to outside issues, pushed to monday
      • Full Jira review performed Wed
        • Completed
    • QE Status
      • Things going well mostly
        • RF-9889 is blocking selenium tests
          • Andrei will review asap
        • Tag lib issues need to be reviewed
        • SubTable and subTableTogglePanel were renamed - why?
          • Will investigate
    • Release dates
      • Concerns over timing right after new years
      • Going to push back M5 release a week.
      • Limited impact to stability work, but will give time for QE to verify fully
      • Release date Jan 10-11
      • Jay will update plans, and email out
    • GAE issue found with RI 2.0.3
      • Jay and Nick investigating options and possible shift to 2.0.4