RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 12-8-2009

Note: Details in transcript


3.3.3.BETA1 Release

  • QE Status:
    • Jopr Testing
      • Latest Jopr has issues with other packages blocking test suite
      • Jopr testsuite not blocker for release
        • Will be blocker for CR1 release
      • Lukas, Ondra, and Shelly will work on manual testing
    • General QE Status
      • A couple of JSF 2 issues found
        • Under investigation but will take a little time
      • Other issues also need fixing and shifted
  • Discussed release options
    • (1) Have a Beta 1 now and a Beta 2 mid january
      • followed by CR1 and GA shortly
      • Issue is limited community activity during holidays
    • (2) Delay Beta 1 a week for another dev build
      • QE will continue testing to check for additional issues
      • Release Beta 1 before x-mas
      • Have a CR1 release mid January
      • Push out GA until mid-Feb to let it bake and test further
        • Development will move on during this time to 4.0 and other tasks
    • We chose to use the second option
      • We will have a dev freeze end of week
      • Build for QE Friday or weekend
      • Test all next week
      • Release End of week or Dec 21st at the latest
        • Be ready to release Friday before.
      • Dev Plan
        • Andrei, and Alex will lead development and investigation
        • We will meet later in week to discuss status

JSFSummit Review

  • Part of blog post coming later