RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 2-15-2011

Note: Details in transcript




  • Dates discussed
    • Including hard freeze date Sunday
    • See agenda for details
  • Dev status
    • Portlet review
      • Fileupload and Push both have issues
      • Fileupload issue crashes
        • Larger issue that may also effect servlet 3.0 support
        • Core needs to be updated, but out of scope
        • Low risk changes can be made to fix crashing portlet, but fileupload will still not work
        • Larger issues spanning servlet 3 will need to be discussed for 4.Next
      • Push can't easily be fixed, but does not effect other components
        • Shifting to 4.Next for discussions
        • UPDATE: Portal support in general shifted to JSF 2.2 spec
    • Alex's CR1 issues
      • Will contact Jay with any problems come up after review
  • General jira items
    • RF-9538 - openJDK - Alex will look
    • RF-10054 - bypassUpdate and immediate ignored for panels
      • Will be reassigned and resolved for CR1
    • RF-10521, RF-10443,RF-10441 - panel attributes should be hidden
      • One umbrella issue to cover
    • RF-10527 - taglib issue with data grid should be in CR1