Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript

    3.3.3.CR1 Release

    • Reviewed open jira, and shifted to GA or future
    • QE should wrap up testing tomorrow
      • Jopr smoke testing with latest release went well
      • Pavol and Andrei are reviewing memory issue
      • Alex and Prabhat are taking one issue offline
      • Alex may have an update for JBIDE-4500 for GA, but more investigation is needed
    • Release
      • Konstantin is uploading release artifacts
      • Ilya, and Jay will prep release and site
      • Jay will email Seam about building the doc bundle


    • Planning in progress and being updated to pull release date in
      • Discussed Table features and tasks that can be postponed
        • Some of this will be taken offline on forums
      • Discussed client lib and the event API proposal
        • Opinions went pro/con, wiki page comments to continue discussion
    • AI Jay: Create a jira discussion Milestone releases instead of Betas