Version 1

    3.3.3.CR1 Release

    • Dev
      • RF Jira's completed
      • RFPL - 1 issue remaining that effects source tree
        • Will be reviewed and because of low risk shifted to GA
      • Release build
        • Work started by Konstantin
          • Will let everyone know when completed
        • Discussed hudson builds for release
          • Not worth it for 3.3.X
          • For 4.0 we need a place for hudson to "store" artifacts while in testing mode.
          • Prabhat created JBQA-3049 to track the issue
    • QE
      • About one week for testing if things go smoothly
      • Jopr
        • Lukas working with Jopr QE
        • Confident that CR1 will be tested
    • Release
      • Jay will create a release jira
      • Prabhat will fill in QE tasks
      • Should complete testing in a week
      • Get this release out 2 mondays from now as planned

    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release

    • Jay delayed with project plan
    • Plans to have something by staff meeting Thursday
    • Wiki updates and blogs Friday or weekend