Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript



    • Branch structure review
    • QE Testing status
      • Initial testing
        • Couple of critical issues
          • Already in development for respin
        • Some MyFaces issues with Forms
          • Lukas to retest, and report
        • Initial testing should be completed by thursday
          • Respin will not be until Friday/Saturday
      • Metamer test reviews by development
        • Several people reviewing failed metamer tests
        • Priority is CR1 issues
    • Jira reviews
      • RF-10586 - toggle panel validation on ajax switch
        • Important to get into CR1
        • Feature request for future to make optional
          • Immediate can already do parts of this
      • RF-10456 - graphValidator and messages
        • 2 issues really:
          • 1Why is the beanValidator tag there
          • 2Why is graphValidator duplicating validation
        • 1
          • Alex believes in should stay
          • Ilya and Jay believe it will just confuse
          • If safe to hide ( even if needed in graphValidator ) lets hide it
            • Its not tested, planned, or documented
            • RF-10591 created to handle this
        • 2
          • Topic not fully resolved
          • GraphValidation uses custom RF extention of bean validation
          • Doubles up on messages because of that?
          • Need to discuss more offline to understand options
          • Alex is going to take this task, but Nick will assist


    • Did not have time to discuss


    • Bernard has several things pending to review
      • CDK Guide review
        • Can wait
      • Sandbox component review
        • Can wait as well
      • Discussed next development version for 3.3.X sandbox components
        • Should be 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT
        • Bernard will update
      • Tutorial review is needed
        • Bernard will create an RFPL jira for this
    • Discussions continued after meeting related to:
      • Resource Dependency
        • related to primefaces/RF integration
      • New component ideas for RichFaces
        • Good talks guys - sorry I missed it