Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    3.3.3 Release

    • 3.3.3.CR1 released and looking for feedback
    • May be renaming to 3.3.3.Final - instead of 3.3.3.GA
    • Dates in agenda seem reasonable
      • Release date planned for March 22nd
    • Jira review
      • Looked through current list of final release jiras
        • Added/Removed some, commented on others
        • Will focus more on this after feedback phase on CR1
      • Discussed JBIDE-4500
        • Issue moved to RF & assigned to Alex
        • Alex will resolve and it will be Final release
        • QE will make sure to include tools QE team in planning
      • Alex brought up PBR-136 and might have RF fix for 3.3.3
        • Will discuss offline, or on forums

    4.0.0 Release

    • Nick and I are nearly done with plan
    • Wiki pages will be updated this week
    • We'll send out details for review


    • Prabhat brought up issue with images on wiki home page
      • Ilya is going to contact support