Version 1

    See transcript for details


    • AI Svetlana: Package Docs from 3.3.1.GA release
    • AI Jay: Verify doc package, and work with IT to get posted to
    • AI Ilya, Svetlana: Update magnolia site, and wiki links to docs
    • AI Ilya, Jay: Update project site based on review, and re-review
    • AI Jay: Work with IT to get site launch after docs are uploaded



    • Tagging and QE build August 3rd
    • Reviewed jira
    • AI Svetlana : will review doc jira's prior to tag
    • AI Alex K: Fix photo-album test suite to pass 100%
    • AI Prabhat: Add a branch version on the hudson photo-album build
    • AI QE: Need to focus on editor because of library update
    • AI Ilya: Create a FAQ on the IE 6 peek-a-boo bug
    • AI Alex: Update and resolve RF-5212 as rejected
    • AI Jay: Create a 3.3.3.CR1 build for moving items to