Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    • Ilya/Nick will write up a blog entry r. the presentations last week including translated slides

    3.3.3.CR1 Release

    • Dev
      • Reviewed remaining issues
      • Need to wrap up 3 issues today
        • Including reverting photo-album patch and notifying tools group
      • Investigate 2 new issues tomorrow morning
      • Hope to have a retag and build by Thursday
    • QE
      • Waiting for retag
        • Enough extra testing to be busy till then
        • Pavel and Andrei will review some memory jira issues and how to verify
        • Alex S will review portal issues from PBR testing
      • JOPR testing being done by Ondrej from JOPR team
        • Should have a report from them by end of the day
        • Manual testing done by lukas
      • Estimates 1-2 days for QE verification of a retag
    • Release
      • Hopefully can still release Tue/Wed next week
      • Ilya and Jay will prep site and blog

    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release

    • Project Plan
      • Nick and Jay are working on this
      • Dates coming out longer that we hoped
      • Might be adjusting requirements and or assignments for A2
      • All tasks from CDK, core, and client lib must be supporting component/release requirements
        • If you find yourself working on a task that is not critical for components please stop :-)
        • If not they need to be shifted to a beta release
    • CDK
      • Alex will review remaining tasks and postpone many
        • Any remaining tasks we'll need estimates for
      • CDK is mostly complete for A2
        • Alex K will assist with CDK issues, and wrap up
        • Gives Alex S time to work on other tasks
      • Anton will use for iteration components
        • If issues or missing docs come up
          • discussion on forums
          • enter jira's as needed