Version 2

    Note: Details in transcript




    • Dates:
      • QE Phase March 4th, 2011
      • Release March 8th-9th 2011
    • QE Status
      • Respin update - resping testing going smoothly without process-related issues. Automated tests will be finihed during end of the day.
      • Jira discussion
        • myFaces related issues appears frequently. Decided to switch rf-showcase back to Mojara. And mojara- still a priority.
      • Extended testing status
        • discussed number of issues and set for review and inclusion into final as possible.
    • Release
      • Standard release procedure will be lead by Jay.


    • Dates - has no objectios or major concerns so will be published in Release Center.
      • Code Freeze March 13th, 2011
      • QE Phase: March 14th --> March 25th 2011
      • Release: ~ March 28th-29th 2011
    • Jira
      • Review RFPL and RF for CR 1 and Final and keep up-to date at daily basics.
    • Dev Status
      • All the fixes has to be peer-reviewed.
        • except dev samples. (public samples - also has to be reviewed!)
      • Taglibs items risen by Pavol should be reviewed asap. (Ilya)
      • Review and update readme files updates(Jay will lead)
      • Need to start work on getting VDL documentation. (Alex K will start after issues will be done)
      • Boolean CSV validator should be fixed(Alex S)
      • JQuery 1.5.1 - estimated as low-risk update and should be done (Pavel)