RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 3-15-2011

Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    • Dates
      • Release dates: ~ March 28th-29th
        • Release center updated
    • Dev Status
      • Working on showcase text updates that did not make freeze
        • Work in progress
      • Planning a very limited respin ( barring any critical issues ) to address
        • Need to sync up with QE
        • No critical issues for now
      • 3.x concerns
        • We'll accept user patches and review them
        • If there are enough patches, and time to apply, and someone from the community can step up it, 3.3.4 release would become a possibility, but even then timing is tough
      • There is an issue with data table IDs - community reported
        • Konstantin will investigate and create a JIRA issue if reproducible
    • QE Status
      • Testing status
        • IE9 has been released - need to get some testing
        • Tests will be done on laptop
      • Concerns, questions, limits
        • None for now
    • Release Plans
      • RFPL-1256
        • Add several new items for Final
          • All team members need to review
          • Please feel free to add items
    • Misc
      • Push blog
        • reviews
          • Need to do second pass review
        • release plans
      • Skinning wiki updates
        • Sean using ecss files and wiki tables in order to describe skinning for every component
        • Ilya will clarify with Sean on how not to miss anything important


    • Publicizing GAE hosted demo
      • Latest versions updated
        • We have been getting fairly high hit rates, but the quota seems good
      • Will be refreshed again once respin is complete
    • Blog in progress or released
      • Waiting to get something in place for RFPL-1331
        • To get out this week, planned for Thursday
    • Quota and testing status
      • So far so good :-)