RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 3-16-2010

    Note: Details in transcript
    • JBossBot discussed to help with Jira lookups
    • Reviewed estimates for remaining jiras
      • 9 assigned to Andrei
        • 7 should be finished by Thursday
        • 2 more completed by Friday
      • 4 assigned to Nick
      • 1 assigned to Pavel to investigate
      • 1 is a doc issue for sean
    • Code Freeze is Monday end of Business
      • Build to QE Tuesday
      • Unscheduled issues to be reviewed, but likely set to future
    • QE
      • No update on JOPR
        • Will contact JOPR QE to test final build
      • OS-X testing
        • Brno office has access
        • Safari and Opera added to matrix
    • Briefly discussed JSF mock test project
    • Discussed 4.0 test plan
      • Various suggestions made and reviewed
      • Everyone should review and comment
    • Discussed breaking RF jira into modules
      • Decided not to do this now, but to review in future