RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 3-22-2011

Note: Details in transcript


  • QE Status
    • Final testing plans,status
      • EOD Friday
      • Hudson issues are being resolved
    • Extended testing items
      • Tools testing has been completed
      • More browsers including FF4 & IE9
      • Seam example testing, but not comprehensive
    • Questions, concerns, etc...
      • Lot of work TBD on docs
      • CR2 for docs is planned
        • This gives week for review
      • RF-10766
        • Should be resolved as 'Won't fix'
        • QE guys will check it again



  • Updated jira's with 4.0.1, and 4.1.0
  • We are mainly focused on 4.0.0.F release
  • Jira reviews underway 
    • but not focus for right now


  • Online demo 
  • Scaling well, and performing well
    • we are at around 5k visits and 52k+ page views since last week
  • GAE compatibility emailed to get it updates