Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    • Code Freeze Tonight
      • Andrei & Alex thought they could finish by tonight
        • But it might slip to tomorrow
        • Nick took RF-8536 to help
        • RF-8529
      • Konstantin is available tomorrow to assist with release to QE
    • QE
      • Prabhat thought they would need about the same time as CR1
      • Jopr
        • Automated testing is getting worked on by Shelly
        • Manual testing is still needed
    • Docs
      • Doc issues moved to RFPL
      • Sean will return Thursday
      • I'll contact him offline to make sure he is ready
    • Release



    • structure
      • For new releases we will create /3.3.X and /4.0.X directories.
        • Under those we will create a separate directory for each release, i.e. /3.3.3.Final
      • AI Jay: Create a wiki page to cover the structure
      • AI Jay: continue discussion on moving old release artifacts to /archive
      • AI Jay: Talk to Ilya about updating the download structure on the project site
    • richfaces-builds email list