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    • Jira
      • RF -
        • RF-8548 - "InplaceInput not accessible from DropDownMenu" is not a regression, thus moved to "Future" versions
        • RF-8536 - "fileUpload does not always complete in IE8" still not reproducible
        • RF-8463 - "InputNumberSpinner min max validation localization" minor importance, we'll commit the changes only in the case of release cycle respin, otherwise postpone
    • Dev
      • Discuss reopened, new issues
        • RF-8553 - "Unable to deploy RichFaces 3.3.3 CR1 JavaEE 5 demo to GlassFish 3.0"
          • Suggested to rebuild jsf2-version of richfaces-demo to avoid the need of manual fix for the problem
            • If rebuild is done then it's reasonable to include the fix for RF-8463 also
          • Another suggestion is to mention the problem together with fix on the wiki page
          • Need to discuss this with Jay
        • Discussed potential bug:
          • Not reproducible at JBoss 5.1.0.GA/richfaces-demo
          • There's similar issue RF-7452 
          • Asked user for more information
        • RF-8556 - "Mixing secure/insecure content warning in IE under HTTPS"
          • livedemo Google Analytics issue
    • QE


    • Status reviews and updates through this week
      • Reminded dev team about keeping JIRAs in actual state & status discussions this week