Version 2

    Attendees: Alex, Nick, Ilya, Konstantin, Tsikhon, Svetlana, Gleb, Rodney, and Jay


    Note: Details are in the transcripts, very high level items and actions listed here

    IRC Meeting

    - AI Jay: get operator access to richfaces and set topics to meeting agendas and status

    3.3.1 Status

    • QA:
      • A few major issues found in BETA2, but they have been fixed
      • AI Tsikhon - let me know if sick team member risks schedule
      • AI Tsikhon - update the test results with current values before the weekly meeting
    • Dev:
      • Most things going forward as planned
      • RF-5226 may not be fixable in the 3.3.1 timeframe
        • AI Nick: Take another look, if we need to postpone explain why and up to a Critical for 3.3.2
      • Dev team is investigating a memory consumption issue that some users reported
        • AI Nick: Create a jira for tracking if not already there
    • Docs:
      • No blockers
      BETA3 release
    •      Konstantin has all the rights he needs to handle the releases
      Layout component
    • Theme dev Alex should finish initial theme dev by Wed/Thur
        • Discussed having separate jar files for themes, much like some skins
          • default "simple" theme values will be core lib
        • Discussed creatiing an archtype for theme creation like skins.
          • Easy to develop, and if not doc'd can be handled externally
        • Discussed CDK option for theme creation as well
          • AI Nick: Create a forum post to continue discussion     
        Jira Review
      • Next week we'll focus on Jira review
        • AI All: review jira prior to next meeting to discuss

      RichFaces 4.0 planning meeting

      • Design and breakout planning meeting in mid april
        • AI Jay: Create meetings
        • AI Jay: Write up current high level items in a wiki page
        • AI Alex: Update the JSF 2.0 wiki page with latest plans based on latest JSF spec.