RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 4-14-2009

Reviewed community activities

  • RichFaces logo options
  • Contributions
  •   FAQ & Wiki changes
    • AI Jay, Gleb, and Ilya: Figure out Gleb's article creation issues
  •   Good feedback from presentations given by Alex, and Jay

3.3.1 Release

  • Testing is going well, no new critical's found
  • Realword just started QA & found some issues
    • AI Andrei & Jay: Review these new issues
  • AI Dev: Move selenium tests with known component issues to a separate suite  to make it easier to track
  • AI Jay: Add selenium suite review for 4.0 +
    • Includes discussions with Prabhat about best approach moving forward
    • #Prabhat: selenium stability is needed - hard to tell value unless tests are consistently passing/failing
  • Everything is going as planned
    • AI Jay: Review photo demo tutorial
3.3.1 CR1

    Critical path items and concerns for CR1

4.0 Planning

  • Meeting next Monday
  • AI Alex: Update RichFaces JSF 2.0 wiki 
  • AI Jay: Create other related 4.0 wiki pages for review
  • AI All: Review prior to the meeting next Monday