Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript


    • Polls
      • New poll created by Ilya
      • If successful we'll have more
    • JSR-276
      • No one knows who is working on this atm, if anyone
      • Something to keep an eye on but no a big concern atm


    • Post 3.3.3.F tasks
      • Photoalbum getting uploaded today
        • Then we'll close RFPL-471
      • Waiting on some external sites to post articles
      • Discussed Jira review since last of 3.3.X has been released
        • Ilya, Alex, Nick, and I will discuss tasks
        • Some possibilities discussed
        • Want to make sure jira is up to date, and reflexes reality
      • QE has no wrap up tasks
    • Maven Repo update impact
      • Need to update wiki for maven settings
      • Need to update our own settings.xml files
      • May need some updates to pom.xml files
      • Waiting on complete doc from Paul
      • Be ready next Monday/Tuesday for possible updates


    • Anton, Konstantin, and Ilya will create an article/blog about tables in 4.0
      • RFPL-525
      • Need to wait to post until snapshots are posted
    • Assembler discussion and plan meeting this afternoon