RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 4-21-2009


  • Been down & Red Hat IT is looking into this
  • AI Jay: Send an email when it is up
Logo last chance
  • Because of outage giving more time for comments
    • Thursday/Friday plan to compile results
    • Please add comments to the jira
    • AI Jay: Post about logo last chance when forums are back up
Contributor agreements
  • Everyone who patches more than 5 lines needs to sign
    • Piotr have already
    • AI Jay: Contact klester and kubek2k__ about this
  • Exadel people do not need to because of partner agreement
  • AI Jay: Post a link to the contributor agreement and rules related to it on project page

3.3.1 Release

  • QA: Everything looking good - no blockers or criticals
  • Dev: Everything on track
  • Docs:
    • AI Jay, Svetlana: Remove out of date "real world" tutorial from project page
    • AI Alex : Setup docs build on Exadel hudson
      • #Jay, Nick: Move this build to jboss hudson, and find out what tools group is doing for docs
      • #Jay: Can Konstantin handle this type of work as part of his release tasks
      • AI Jay: Email offline for further discussion
CR/GA Plan
  • CR1 April 24th
  • CR2 April 29th-30th (depending on need)
  • CR3 Skipping unless really needed
  • GA May 5th
  • AI Jay: create more components for jira (see transcript)
  • AI Jay: Update new release version with descriptions of what needs to go them
  • AI Svetlana: Review doc jira and clear out as needed by friday
  • AI Jay, Nick, all: Review jira and either resolve, move, etc... as needed
    • Jira by Friday should be representative of what is left.
  • AI Jay, Rodney: Create Jira user groups dev, doc, qa
  • AI All: Use jira labels for specific components for searching - calendar, support, etc...


  • Meeting moved because of conflicts to:
  • AI Alex, Jay: Create, update 4.0 planning wiki's