RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 4-27-2010

Note: details in transcript

JBoss Maven Repo Changes and Updates

  • Update
    • Repo settings to external locations are still needed
    • Developer settings are optional for most and funnel through jboss repp
      • Builds should be buildable without username/password, but must be buildable with mirror settings
  • 3.3.X
    • Everything is working fine, except for 3 missing libraries in repo
    • metadata-extractor
      • Found in central, so just a name update
    • el-api
      • Correct version found in available location
    • JSF
      • Seam is using myfaces for JSF 2.0
      • Discuss more during seam/rf meeting
      • 4.0 will likely follow suit
  • 4.0.X
    • Deprecated dependencies in jsf-test
      • Alex S is going to fix
    • org-netbeans-modules-xml-axi
      • Located in netbeans repo
      • Used for schema doc tool
      • Not found in any proxies locations
      • Konstantin should upload to jboss nexus
  • jsf-test
    • Alex is making updates for new repps


  • Test applications review
    • Moving to forums
  • Build discussion
    • Update
      • Wiki page to be created by jay outlining plans from build meeting