Version 1

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    • Dev
      • Need 1-2 hours to commit and resolve remaining issues
      • 1-2 hours to to retag, and build.
    • QE
      • Need 1-2 days to complete retag verification
    • Release
      • Discussed maven repository changes due this weekend
        • Andrei, and Jay will review impact
        • If possible we want to get final artifacts uploaded Friday
        • To avoid issues with migration that may delay release
      • Ilya, and Jay will begin work on other release items
      • Plan to release Monday, Tuesday next week.

    4.0.0 Release

    • Discussed Seam/RF integration meetings
      • Jay will post an agenda forum post to discuss
      • Discussed JSF mock project and getting it elevated to a full JBoss project
      • Will discuss more at meeting
    • Queue req. discussion tomorrow