RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 5-19-2009


IRC channel operator setup


  • Good job everyone!
  • Download links fixed
  • AI Svetlana : Review site for missed version information
  • Validators support hibernate & bean validator, but docs not notified
    • AI Alex: Update demo app description
    • AI Ilya: If time write a small blog about this
  • Photo album deployed shows 3.3.1-SNAPSHOT
    • See transcript for details
    • AI Nick & Alex: Look into why and report back


Site Updates



  • Branch changes complete
  • Some cleanup work needed
  • RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 5-19-2009 contained a lot of info
  • AI 3.3.2 Team: Review Jira for 3.3.2, and prioritize the component lists for optimizations
  • AI Jay: Add Pavel to weekly team meeting
  • AI Jay: Schedule a meeting for Thursday or Friday for 3.3.2 sync-up