RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 5-26-2009

SVN Updates/Cleaning

  • Moved all legacy branches to /branches/archive
  • Remove refactor1 (sandbox branch from JSF 1.1-JSF 1.2)
  • Remove 2 tags that were there in error
  • Remove /branch
  • Create a /branches/sandbox directory for future sandbox development
  • Leave /branches/jsf2.0 alone because Alex is activly working on CDK stuff there
    • once migrated to 4.0 build system JSF 2.0 can go away
  • AI Jay: Review removing older tags
    • I have discussed internally and we should not be removing any valid tags
  • AI Nick email redhat helpdesk regarding moving to SVN 1.5 on the server (cc Jay)


  • Alex is writing up CDK work flow & plans for review
  • AI Jay: Create a place for 4.0 planning meeting agendas on wiki
  • AI Alex: Create an agenda for tomorrows meeting


  • AI Nick: Discuss with Pavel the items from the meeting agenda
    • If needed we can have another meeting to discuss