RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 5-4-2009

Details in transcript



  • The winner is the Monopoly guy - option #1
  • I have a request for some slight variation on color and font
    • Should have them back by end of week
  • AI Docs: If time permitting add logo to guides
  • AI Docs: Post 3.3.1 Review for other doc locations
  • AI Jay: Post winner and update project, twitter pages, etc...
  • AI Iya: Time permitting livedemo should be updated



  • Nothing critical found


  • All issues closed or not a problem


  • Some minor low risk issue to be added
  • Need help from Alex for some issue
    • See notes at end from post meeting
    • CR3 decision based on meeting with Alex

Post 3.3.1 Planning

We have been working on this - more details to come

  • Alex, Anton, Nick, and I working on 4.0
  • Ilya & Gleb working on wiki updates, and project page
  • Others working on 3.3.2 priority issues until 4.0 ready for general dev

Alex, Nick, and Jay meeting notes

Reviewed remaining jiras & discussed CR3


  • AI Alex: Should wrap up remaining issues by Wednesday
  • AI Alex: Create a jira to cover layout/style work
    • may need assistance with this tasks
    • contact as needed

3.3.1.CR3 will be needed

  •    Planned for Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday early morning EST
  •    QA will have Thursday/Friday + to test

3.3.1.GA moved to Monday/Tuesday

   Should be next to no changes from CR3