Version 1

    Alpha2 code freeze

    • Code freeze is going at Wednesday morning
    • Finalize release, update project assembler scripts.
    • Blockers approved by Alex, Nick and Jay, as well as docs updates.
    • nbelaevski and Jay will review remaining issues in Jira and either move to M1, or adjust as needed.
    • /root is going to be closed until we release to QE wed. night
    • start testing Thursday.
    • At the time of the release to QE we will be creating stable release branches so that trunk can be opened for development of M1 by the team
    • Any changes needed in A2 will be done first in the stable branch, and then that module can be re-released ( or updated ).
    • Alpha2 release distribution will be stored in stage Maven repo.
    • Downloadable distributions will be stored in repo, with checksums. After release, they will be copied to download area.

    M1 plans

    • code freeze for M1 will be July 6th
    • We are going to begin our timeboxed releases, first 6 weeks, then 4 weeks until we release.